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Today was the kick-off day of the MWTL-Stagnant survey. This survey aims to determine the quality of water in the fresh water lakes. At about 3000...

MWTL Lotic and Lentic waterbodies

Last summer we carried out the annual water plant monitoring in the months of June to August. Logistics and material supplies was the responsibility of...

Stripping the seafloor for knowledge

From February - March 2019, the Fieldwork Company contributed in a 7 weeks marine survey to sample the larger-sized, often more sparsely distributed and longer-lived...

Water- en oeverplanten inventarisaties

Afgelopen zomer hebben we in opdracht van Stichting Waterproef mee gewerkt aan de grootschalige survey macrofyten in Noord-Holland en Utrecht. Macrofyten zijn vaatplanten die met...
Maniobra de TowCam

Underwater camera “BRUCE”

The Fieldwork Company assisted the University of Groningen in a sea going cruise in October 2019 to collect data on different sea bed habitats and...


For the province of Gelderland we have supplied camera’s for 6 Eco passages. These cameras monitor 24/7 the passages, and register crossings of animals by...

Dike mapping river IJssel

On behalf of Medusa BV we have worked on mapping the dike conditions of the summer dikes along the river IJssel. With an electromagnetic sensor...

Monitoring Sandwitch sterns on Griend

For the last two months one of our custom camera solutions monitored the sandwich tern colony on Griend. The camera system consisted of a high-resolution...

Counting Terns on Griend with an UAV

Usually nests of Sandwich Terns are counted by observers who walk through the colony and take inventory of the number of nests and eggs. This...
2017-08-11 12.18.52

Rigid raider craft

The boat is equipped with a large flat working deck with a grip coating. There is sufficient mounting options for frames and / or sensors...