Aerial Solutions

Technical developments in the past 5 years have allowed UAVs to become sufficiently stable and thus applicable for various purposes in ecological research. This includes vegetation mapping, monitoring of geomorphological processes through time, breeding birds colony counts, colony counts of birds and marine mammals, anti-poaching operations, etc.

Aerial solutions is again about images, and in most cases the information that you can gather from those images. We therefore not only collect images for you, but also unlock the information that is stored within these images.
Once these images have been collected we set off to work. By automated image analysis through a combination of homemade developed tools, scripts and third-party software we extract the desired information. Examples of what we retrieve from aerial footage you can find in the project gallery on this page.

Hardware we use:

Droidworkx Heavy lift octocopter
Dji Inspire
Dji F450
X8 Skywalker
Phantom 3 Professional