Complex projects

In some cases, projects are too big or too complex to run alone. Lack of time or own skills are often a limiting factor that can delay project progress. In such a case you need specialist support. At the Fieldwork Company we have a wide range of tools and knowledge, varying from boats and UAVs / drones to underwater camera solutions. Our employees each have their own specialism and work together constantly, so that switching can take place quickly. This combination of specialist and technical possibilities, combined with essential communication skills, enables us to accelerate your project while maintaining quality. An example is our contribution to the surveys on the Markerwadden. The area first had to be made accessible and then build up in a way that the researchers could do their job. In collaboration with the client, we have achieved the desired result. More information about these and other customized projects can be found on the right. Please contact us if you need advice for your project.