Onderzoek naar eilandmorfologie

Griend is a small, dynamic island in the middle of the Dutch Wadden Sea. To stabilize the eroding island, it was nourished with 200.000 cubic meters of sand in the summer of 2016. Since then, we have been following how the island’s geomorphology develops over time by aerial imaging.

We had the unique opportunity to map the sand nourishment area on Griend before a storm (with winds up to 11 bft.) hit the island. After the storm we returned to map the sand nourishment area once again. Using high resolution aerial imaging (drone) combined with a rtk-dGPS we were able to make a centimeter accurate 3D elevation model of the nourishment area.

Using these georeferenced 3D models, collaborating researchers could determine how much sand was moved by the storm. This information will be used for the management of this iconic bird island.

Rechts (of onderaan de pagina) vind u een een lage kwaliteit versie versie van de 3D-modellen.

Dit project is uitgevoerd in samenwerking met het Griend Research Project