Fallow deer count

The Municipality of Groningen & Staatsbosbeheer have tasked The Fieldwork Company with taking inventory of the amount of Fallow Deer in the Lauwersmeer area. Due to the size of the area, and the inaccessibility taking inventory of the deer through traditional means would be a difficult job. Counting the deer by drone (UAV) proved to be much faster, and more reliable.
For this job a drone equipped with a thermal camera with 8 times zoom and a regular RGB camera with 30x zoom was used. The Thermal camera was used to scout for (the sometimes well hidden) Fallow Deer, and the 30x zoom camera was used to verify that it where indeed Fallow Deer, and not the regular one. After verifying that it where indeed the Fallow Deer, the 30x zoom camera was then used to count the animals.

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